The staff at Dr. Merrick's office are tremendous! They know me by name and always take the time to make me feel welcomed and safe. The time sitting in the waiting room is not long and the staff make sure to make me feel comfortable.

I sought out Dr. Merrick to fix the numbing in my hands. Within weeks of my first appointment, I was scheduled for surgery and the numbness is completely gone! Dr. Merrick truly listens when you explain where it hurts and has the drive to make it better.

Dr. Merrick has a truly gifted bedside manner. He listened when I tried to explain the source of my elbow pain – which had been hurting for years even after a previous surgery and physical therapy. He did not dismiss my pain, but, rather, offered ideas of where the pain may be and then proceeded to fix my elbow. 

Carolina J. (hand surgery, elbow surgery)

SkinCeuticals –

Advanced Skincare Backed By Science

We are proud to carry SkinCeuticals products.  Founded in 1997, SkinCeuticals discovers, develops, and delivers innovative dermatology products that improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. They use pure, pharmaceutical grade ingredients with proven scientific results. Their formulations are based on optimal concentrations of active ingredients elegantly crafted into functional products — designed, formulated, and tested for effectiveness. The entire skincare program works as a complete system for maximum improvement to skin health.

alt textCleanse & Tone – SkinCeuticals cleansers and toners include a variety of active ingredients such as hydroxyl acids, botanical extracts and cleansing agents to lift impurities and oils, gently exfoliate dead skin cells and balance PH levels.  These cleansing and toning products leave the skin feeling fresh and clean without increased dryness or oiliness.

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alt textCorrect – SkinCeuticals corrective products combine reparative, lightening and exfoliating ingredients to help rehabilitate the skin, restoring a healthier and more youthful appearance.  This category includes products that are formulated specifically for delicate areas such as the eyes and lips.

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alt textMoisturize – SkinCeuticals moisturizers are carefully formulated with multi-functional ingredients that nourish, protect and/or exfoliate as they hydrate and restore elasticity.  These moisturizers are designed to maximize ingredient synergies and provide optimal benefits to the skin.

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alt textPrevent – Exposure to environmental factors like sunlight, smoke and air pollution can cause many signs of early aging and can lead to more serious skin conditions, including cancer.  Science has shown that antioxidants help neutralize these free radicals.  SkinCeuticals has developed a full menu of super-antioxidant formulas for all skin types – designed to provide the most advanced protection from environmental aging.

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alt textProtect – SkinCeuticals’ sunscreens provide true broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.  They offer a full range of cosmetically elegant, broad-spectrum sunscreens for every skin type and lifestyle.

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alt textAdult Acne System - This three-step regimen has been proven to combat oxidative stress and UV damage, protect skin’s structural proteins, and boost collagen synthesis to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, restore skin’s luminosity, and re-densify from within.

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alt textAdvanced Brightening System - Over time, skin's exposure to UV radiation can contribute to signs of premature aging, often resulting in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation. The SkinCeuticals Advanced Brightening System provides a five-product system clinically proven to minimize the appearance of UV-induced skin damage by preventing future damage, correcting existing damage, and protecting healthy skin.

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alt textAnti-Aging System - The SkinCeuticals Adult Anti-Acne System contains three powerful products specifically designed for the concerns of the blemish-prone adult.

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